Puleo 11.2010                                                                                


 High School Pre-Game



Scorers table and book at 11:00 minutes

Captains at 3:00 minutes (or as directed)

            -Discussion with ALL members at the table

            -No cell phones. Horn on all subs and TO’s. Bonus info

Team review:

            -Style of play



Points of Emphasis:

-       Hand checks early

-       Rough post play early

-       Moving screens

-       Trail chops on front court out of bounds

-       Concussion rule

-       Take care of all Dress code violations before the sportsmanship message

-       Coaching box and decorum


-    Center moves up and helps

Free Throw administration:

- Calling official lets everyone know:  “are we shooting and how many shots  or out of bounds?  Or the spot of the throw-in.

      -    Proper lane spaces

-       Get the correct  shooter

-       Eye contact

-       5th foul situation - don’t shoot until sub enters


-       Work your primary area

-       Slow down on mechanics.

-       Some double whistles will occur - defer to primary or discuss-especially from “C”.  Preliminary signals first (No Block-Charge calls!!)




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 High School Pre-Game


Mechanics (continued)


-    Watch the “off the ball” activity

-       Trust your partners. Fish in your own pond…but help. Let’s not miss an obvious call.

-       Pass and Crash-typically from the lead unless it comes from the center

-       Timeouts. Designate throw-in spot.

-       Double the lines

-       5 on 5 all nite

-       Closely guarded situations


-    Constant eye contact with other officials….thumbs up signal, etc…

-       Don’t be in a hurry after making a call - pause, pause. Especially on fouls.

-       Check possession arrow for accuracy


-    3 points to 2 points, vice versa

-       Incorrect out of bounds calls

-       Basket interference/goaltending

Other Foul situations:

-       Double fouls - point of interruption

-       No shots on Team control fouls

-       Player control versus team control (team control now while in-bounding ball)

-       Technical Fouls: Direct and indirect –differences, and adding to team totals

-       Intentional and flagrant fouls (excessive elbows rule. Different from college)


-       Overtime - 4 minutes - add one T.O.

-       Warnings to book

-       Use common sense

-       All 3 officials must have good eye contact

-       Communicate any “goofy or exotic ” items to at least one other official

-       Last-second shot routine

-       Discuss any significant rule changes

-       Other points of emphasis; PIAA or WPIAL

-       Questions/comments

-       Have fun; enjoy the game